Sustainable Solutions Through Solar Energy Since 1986
Who we are

We are the oldest private organisation in Odisha and amongst the first few in the country to venture into the solar energy business.

“The proof of the pudding is in the eating” While many solar operators offer all kind of warranties from a year to 25 years we have customers who have been using our systems for over 20 years now. To make a solution work you need to have the correct product backed by consistent after-sale-service year after year. We have stood by products sold by us and displayed stamina to continue.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to see that every household, business and organisation has access to energy and at least a third of the energy consumed is through clean and sustainable solutions.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the most sort after solution provider in whichever market we operate
We provide only quality

Our Primary Services

Evaluation and design
Designs include solar panel placement options, such as a rooftop design, carport, or ground mount solar panel arrays.
Our Kalinga Kommercials team of professional engineers and project managers take a comprehensive approach to assure a holistic, right-sized and integrated approach to assessment, design, installation, and performance monitoring and reporting.
We also take a proactive and thorough approach to your energy usage and trends so that designs meet your long-range energy master plan and needs.
Installation, Monitoring and Maintenance
Geared with one of the best infrastructure in Odisha we have the ability to assemble or integrate systems to deliver reliable solutions which caters to the user’s need.
System Commissioning
Since our inception in 1986, we at Kalinga Kommercials have gained valuable experience of over 30 years in delivering products and solutions as per needs of our customers. Our focus on quality had delighted our customers who are our greatest ambassadors.
Energy Storage Solutions/Battery Backup
Kalinga Kommercials is a pioneer in the integration of photovoltaic systems with generators, bidirectional inverter functionality and battery storage technology.

Solar energy technology has been around for decades. Solar offers a free, reliable source of power to run a wide range of devices, from radios and wristwatches to powering your home. However, many of us remain unclear about the advantages of solar power over other, nonrenewable energy sources.

Sunrun is here to help you understand how solar can help you save on home energy costs. With Sunrun, you can choose to only pay for the solar power, not the solar panels, or you can also buy out your system. As you weigh decisions about how to power your home.

Clients Says About Us

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Solar energy—power from the sun—is a vast, inexhaustible, and clean resource
We provide only quality

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Solar power is experiencing a surge in popularity across the globe. It prevents carbon emissions, helps diversify the power generation mix, reduces dependence on fossil fuels, and can increase off-grid energy access.

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The theme of this year’s Global Infrastructure Forum was delivering sustainable and inclusive infrastructure. As a woman who works in the world of infrastructure, I was invited to join a panel at the forum made up solely of women to address gender inclusivity and was asked to provide a specific example of a project beneficial to women.

Tax and Duties Are Acting As Road Block for Power for All!

Green energy transition can mark a new beginning for the country as it promises ‘Power for All’. Championing installing solar panels stand to offer technological growth, industrial growth, and the opportunity to claim the export market, all of which developing countries like India needs.

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